Friday, 6 January 2023

The Lion and the Bear

So the first game of the year saw a return to the Back of Beyond. Unfortunately Robbo dropped out so it was down to just 3 of us. So Mitch would take command of the British, holding a small village and trying to prevent Bolshevik forces breaking through. He  had 4 rifle companies, an HMG company and a field gun. All were of an excellent quality (they were British after all). Sean and myself took command of  the Bolsheviks tasked with the breakthrough, We had a mixed bunch of poor, down right poor and dubious quality of troops for the task. The plucky Brits deployed along the crest of the hill while we had to advance onto the table

Brits in position

Reds on their way
The first couple of turns saw the Brits brewing up copious amounts on the finest Earl Grey tea as the Bolsheviks plodded their way forward. I pushed forward the Bolshevik cavalry to try and screen the advancing infantry. They did look glorious, flags fluttering in thr breeze, until the vickers machine gun opened up, unhorsing half of the 1st Sotnia.

Cavalry push forward

The Vickers hidden in the garden

The footsloggers plod forward

Brits resting against a stonewall

1st Sotnia takes casualties

Eventually the Bolsheviks came into range of the British field gun, which sent a number of shells whistling forward with only minor success. I quickly pushed my infantry into the woods. Meanwhile Sean deployed his own field gun and HMG team to return fire on the Brits. With both sides exchanging fire, the red  horde slowly closed with their foe. Unfortunately the Vickers machine gun was inflicting heavy casualties amongst my cavalry.


Keep to the cover Comrades

Vickers gunners enjoying themselves

Seans infantry flowing past the village

More casualties amongst the cavalry

As we began to close on the village, casualties were beginning to mount and were becoming a concern. I did manage to knock out one of the Vickers machine guns. Meanwhile Sean had finally seen off the British field gun, but at a high cost. 

Meanwhile the Bolshevik cavalry finally gained some revenge, cutting down a British rifle company caught in the open. Whilst our infantry closed on the village they ran out of steam, with casualties causing morale checks and suppressing a significant number of companies the fight went out of the Bolsheviks. Both sides agreed that the attack had stalled and with only a couple of companies above half strength we retired to fight another day.

The Reds advance

Onwards comrades

Overview of the field of battle

Getting ever closer


I don't like the look of this

Well a good fun game even if it was a loss. Mitch seemed to have the Dice gods on his side, never seen so many 5s and 6s when he normally can't roll above 3 on any shape of dice. The Morale of most of the Bolshevik troops really hamstrung us once the casualties started to mount. The Brits meanwhile seemed to just shrug of any casualties with indifference, stiff upper lip and all that.


rross said...

Nice to get in the first game of the year Scotty and I like your choice of era....I guess the result is pretty realistic, trained regular infantry in defensive positions taking on mostly civilians in uniform with rifles. Cavalry against machine guns is never likely to go well either!

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Great looking game. Lovely terrain.
Best regards

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Keith. I did have a couple of extra companies to use but don't think they would have chaned the result. Maybe add the armoured car next time

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Michal

Jonathan Freitag said...

Great to see your RCW/BoB collections out on the table so soon into the New Year. We do not really count losses, do we? I got my head handed to me in a game this afternoon. The only saving grace is that I duplicated the historical outcome. Yeah for me!

Neil Scott said...

It's reearding getting the collection on the table, the outcome was as expected, but we had fun

pancerni said...

Nice to see a battle on the era and a session with players having fun. Best part of the hobby.

Neil Scott said...

Thank you. The game very much had the empaphis on fun