Tuesday, 2 February 2016

FPW French Hussars II

These guys are the 8th regiment of Hussars that were wearing the new 1870 uniform. Again the figures are all from Outpost and painted up fairly quickly.

8th Hussars
8th Hussars
Hussars charging
I also had a few spare command figures that I quickly painted up to represent the commander of XII Corps, LeBrun.

I've now got 2 more infantry regiments to paint up before I need to purchase the extra figures to complete this Corps. In the meantime  I'm  off to York for the Vapnartak show.


Phil said...

Cool, great colors on the hussars...

James Fisher said...

They look excellent. I really like the 'animated' figures and your colouring of the horses is beaut.

Rodger said...

Very nice Neil!Love those horses!