Friday, 19 February 2016

AWI 2nd Maryland Continentals

I finally managed to get my first regiment of Continentals based up. They are all from the plastic Perry boxed set. The figures were a joy to paint and recommended. The regiment depicted is the 2nd Maryland, which had built a very good reputation during the war. The flag is from Maverick Models.

2nd Maryland 
2nd Maryland 
2nd Maryland 
I also put in another order with Perry's for an extra command sprue and infantry in hunting shirts. That should allow me to field 5 or 6 Continental regiments.


Paul Robinson said...

Very nice they look too.

Phil said...

A beautiful addition!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers guys

Francis Lee said...

Damn good work Neil!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Fran

Rodger said...

Very very nice Scotty! Tempted to add some more to my army now!