Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dragon Rampant

At the club on Thursday night we gave the Dragon Rampant rules a bit of a run out. Luckily the mechanisms are much the same as Lion Rampant as I must confess I hadn't read the rules before the game. Looking for an army to use I dusted down my Rohirrim as they hadn't seen the light of day in a long time. We set up with a 40 point game and my force was as follows.

1 unit elite riders - reduced models (Theoden) with the trustworthy rule to stop impetuous charges.
1 unit of elite riders (Theodred) with the slayer of men ability
2 units of heavy riders with bows
1 unit of light riders
2 units of light foot, 1 with mixed weapons.

Neil's force included belicose foot, lesser war beasts, flyers and spell casters.

Initial set up
The enemy 
The game began with Neil advancing his mounted units and the Bellicose foot. I sent from my light and heavy riders who began firing into the enemy to reduce their numbers. Neil's light missile troops opened fire on my light foot, inflicting horrendous  casualties and destroying the unit after a failed courage test.

Riders engage
Approaching Belicose foot
Eventually Theodred began to move forward and charged a unit of enemy cavalry, we then realised how effective the Slayer rule was as I inflicted 12 hits and destroyed the unit. Neil's Belicose foot were drawn forward and then charged by Theodred who destroyed the unit. Neil committed his elite riders at my heavy riders, drawing the melee but reducible him your half strength. My second unit engage them and destroyed the unit. Just when I thought things were going so well my last unit of light foot came under missile fire and repeatedly failed courage tests for the rest of the game. My light riders were then caught by the lesser war beasts and given a mauling before Theodred rescued them.

Battered units
With time running out Neil's spell casters repeatedly cast befuddle on Theodred to prevent him advancing. His flying scouts also deployed to hold off my heavy riders. We called the game there and agreed a very enjoyable and fun game. Will definitely play these again.

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