Friday, 26 February 2016

AWI 6th Virginia Continentals

These are the 4th completed unit of Continentals for this project. Just leaves 2 more to complete. This time I chose the 6th Virginia, mainly because they are in grey coats with green facings. A bit different from blue coats. Once again the figures are all from the Perry plastics. This time I went for a more relaxed marching pose.

6th Virginia 
6th Virginia
The flag for this unit is from Maverick Models. I went for the simple Betty Rose. Next up is a couple of stands of riflemen hiding behind some resin baricades design I picked up off EBAY.

As I was reorganising the figures into storage box I couldn't help but take a couple of photos. Quite happy with my efforts this month.

Rebel infantry 
Rebel infantry 
I think I'll have to pick up some more militia, mounted officers and at least 1 Artillery piece, then I should have a decent force for our club games.


David Cooke said...

Great looking figures. This period looks so nice on the table it makes it so tempting to collect.

Phil said...

Beautiful 6th Virginia, well done once again!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks guys

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice work Neil!


Rodger said...

Very very nice Neil!