Monday, 15 May 2023

RCW - White Infantry

A few posts back I had painted up 5 figures to start up another company of White infantry. They were a mix of Brigade and Copplestone miniatures. So I duly picked up 5 more from Forgotten Front to add to the mix. Even went with some fur hats as these are simply to be a generic White infantry unit.

I'm quite happy with how the 3 ranges have mixed together. The ensign needs his banner added as soon as I source a replacement printer cartridge to get it printed off.


  1. Another great looking White unit Scotty, I really like the colours and tones you have used on these figures.

  2. Nice mix of poses and good looking unit. I like the brush work Neil.

  3. Good to see another unit, the sculpt off the left looks a bit dodgy, so hard to find figures to match copplestone but you seem to have blended them in ok 👍

    1. Think the angle of the photo doesn't help, but not the greatest pose