Sunday 7 May 2023

A random mix

I currently find myself jumping in between projects at the moment. I've been completing a couple of blood bowl teams for our upcoming tournament as well as a few odds and ends. 

First up is another unit of Trojan infantry, inspired by our recent games. I now have some slingers and Myrmidons prepped and ready for painting.

Next up is a HMG team for my Bolsheviks. I picked these up ready painted, they just required a few touch ups and an actual HMG which was missing. Luckily I had a spare one. These will help add a little more firepower to the Bolsheviks while I await an additional artillery piece. Not to be outdone though, I added a few more figures to the 'Whites'. There is another HMG team, this time using some spare WW1 Brits. Painted up to look suitably Russian. It does help that Britain supplied extensive stocks of weapons and uniforms to the 'White' cause. There are also 5 spare infantry, I've ordered the rest from Minifigs to round out the unit. These look a mix of Copplestone and Brigade miniatures. These have simply been painted up to represent a generic 'White' infantry company.

Lastly -  Thrud the Barbarian. He has been partly painted for a number of years so I decided to quickly complete him and add him to one of my Dragon Rampant armies.

Time to get back to the Trojan War figures.


  1. Variety keeps the brushes busy!

  2. Great work on all the various figures Scotty.

  3. Nice work on all the figures, reminds me to get painting this week. The White Russian figures are a good addition.

    1. Cheers, it was nice to get the paintingtable partially cleared