Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Judge Dredd - Citi Def

Painting has continued with my latest project. This time it's the citizens who form the Citi Def units to protect their Blocks. The first set is the basic 6 troopers. I went for a Blue/White uniform.

I do like most of the poses, quite dynamic but still a little cartoonish in keeping with the range. To bulk them out I also picked up the Re-inforcement set. This provides an extra trooper, sniper and heavy weapon trooper.

Pretty happy with how the camo turned out on the snipers cloak. So that's 9 figures for my Citi Def. Just need to think of a suitable Block name.

So now I need to wait for my next delivery of figures. I picked up some reinforcements for my Block gangers and the Judge Dredd model. In the meantime I have a MDF shop and some eateries to build for the tabletop.


TamsinP said...

I think it will be a while before I get around to painting my Dredd figures. Those Citi Def look cool in the blue-white uniforms. :)

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Tamsin. I was just looking for something different to paint