Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Rogue Stars - scenery

After playing a couple of games of Rogue Stars at the club to get familiar with the rules, I have committed myself to running a campaign. There will be between 3 to 4 players willing to take part.

The beauty of this game is small number of figures and a playing area 2x2. For previous games I've used some old Space Hulk tiles, which while very useful limits the game to fighting in corridors. I wanted something more versatile. First off a trip into the attic to dig out and old board that was originally started go Rogue Trader games. A quick dry brush and it's ready to go.

For scenery I've used a mix of old Necromunda bulkheads, Hexon platform, old WW2 battlefield clutter and other odds and ends. So far enough to cover a 2x2 board.

I've also taken a few photos from a practice game to give an idea of scale. Still got a couple of bits to add before looking at some suitable sci-fi buildings.

It's made a nice change from painting historical figured.


Michał Kucharski said...

Great looking scenery!

LegioCustodes said...

This looks really cool! Love some sci-fi Skirmish

Neil Scott said...

Cheets Michal

Neil Scott said...

Cheers, skirmish games are much easier on club nights