Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Rogue Stars campaign

In preparation for the campaign that I am running I needed to add a couple more scenery pieces to fill up the playing area. First up I wanted a landing pad as this fitted the scenario I had I'm mind for the first game. I did look around various sites for something suitable and came across this site it has loads of useful stuff if you don't mind printing in card. I downloaded the landing pad and after about 30 minutes work this is how it turned out. I did add some supports for extra strength.

Landing pad
I also picked up a card u-wing of suitable scale from a bookshop for the princely sum of £2. This will suffice as a shuttle for one of the crews.

U-wing and crew to scale
I then ran a quick solo game to refresh myself with the rules.

Now just need to get back to painting my GNW Poles.


Phil said...

Your landing pad is really nice, well done!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil