Monday, 3 October 2016

GNW Test game 2

For the second week running I tested out the rule adaptations for the GNW. This time John took the Swedes and Dave the Saxons. I won't give a blow by blow account. The Swedish cavalry attacked on both wings but left their infantry behind. The superior number of Saxon squadrons more than matched them. John was cautious with his infantry, only getting them into the action late in the day. The rules definitely favour the Swedes being aggressive.

The battle also saw some action between the Polish cavalry and some cossacks. Things were evenly matched at first before the bether equipped Poles saw off the cossacks.

The Battle lines
Polish cavalry 
Poles and cossacks clash
Swedish and Saxon dragoons clash
Swedish infantry finally advance
So far the rules seem to be holding up well. Still think they'll need some more playtesting before we can refight Klissow.


Francis Lee said...

The Swedes were always aggressive, nice one Scott!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Fran. Rules definitely favour them being aggressive

Paul Robinson said...

I've found it difficult to get the balance right in my own rules. It was hard not to make them too successful when going forward and getting the morale to aggression right has been one of the hardest things. glad you're making progress with your rules.

Rodger said...

Looks great Neil. Nice to see your troops getting some action too!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Paul. I'm having the most difficult getting the Poles to work

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Rodger

David Cooke said...

Love those figures. Its such an attractive period.

Neil Scott said...

One of the reasons I love the period