Sunday, 16 October 2016

GNW test game 3

So on Thursday night I gave these rules their 3rd play test. Some of the niggles from the last game seem to have been ironed out. I am hope full that they should stand up to re fighting larger games such as Klissow that Mick and I intend to re fight early next year.

This game saw Polish cavalry on both sides as well as a couple of French cavalry regiments masquerading as Swedes. Liam took command of the Swedish infantry in 2 brigades supported by a cavalry brigade on hi left flank. I took the other Swedish cavalry brigade and the Poles and Cossacks on the right.

Jon took command of 3 large Saxon cavalry brigades and a brigade of Polish cavalry, while Tom took command of 2 Saxon infantry brigades and a Polish infantry brigade, The game began with Liam advancing his infantry and cavalry, while my guys all failed command and stayed put. The Saxo-Polish forces advanced to meet us.

On our left flank the Swedish cavalry swung past the village into the awaiting Saxons. After a brief and brutal affair the Swedish horse was forced back by weight of numbers. In the Centre the Swedish first line charged into the Saxons and forced back the first line. their impetus took them into a second line as Saxon infantry who repelled them in disorder with a murderous fire.

The second Swedish brigade was then committed and they suffered the same fate (Not help by some rather bad dice rolls). With things looking bleak on the left and Centre the right wing cavalry finally got into action and scattered the opposing Polish cavalry. They pursued after them and when finally brought under control began to threaten the Saxon Centre rear.

Liam now galvanised his remaining infantry for one last assault. With the Swedish horse returning to support the Centre and the Poles and Cossacks threatening the rear, the infantry lowered pike and charged home. The attack was devastating. The already worn Saxon infantry centre broke. With only their right wing cavalry intact the Saxons retired from the field.

Overall a very close game with plenty of ebb and flow. I was pretty pleased how the Swedish infantry showed their resilience to finally break the Saxon line.


Phil said...

Bad dice rolls but nice looking game!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil

Francis Lee said...

Nice looking game especially liked the polish winged hussars!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Fran

James Fisher said...

Great series of playtest games Neil. The rules seem to be working well.
It's a most interesting period isn't it? We too are hoping to do a re-fight of Klissow in the not-too-distant.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers James. Do far so good. Looking forward to refight in Klissow now