Saturday, 24 September 2016

GNW test game

On Thursday night at the club I put on a small GNW game to test out some rule adaptations I had made to our Marlburian period rules. This would also give my newly painted Saxons their debut.

The game pitted a small Swedish force against a larger combined Saxon - Polish army. I tried to replicate the Swedish GaPa tactics with bonuses to encourage them to attack. The Saxons and Poles were also hampered by their lack of commanders and large and unwieldy brigades.

The Swedes consisted of 2 small infantry brigades, 2 small cavalry brigades and a brigade of mounted cossacks.

The Saxons had a small infantry brigade and 2 large cavalry brigades. The Poles had a large infantry brigade and a brigade of cavalry.

The game began with a Saxon advance, meanwhile the Cossacks on the Swedish left moved further out in an attempt to get on the Saxon flank. The Swedish horse failed to move. The Saxon horse on the left flank saw their opportunity and attack their Swedish counter parts. Unfortunately the outcome was to prove rather historically accurate. The Swedish Horse cut their way through the Saxons, routing 5 of the 6 regiments against them for the loss of one of their own.

The Polish cavalry then tried to threaten the flank of the Swedes,  but their commander was able to send two regiments of horse to send them packing.

In the center the Swedish infantry got to grips with their Saxon counterparts and smashed through on the left. However they had a more difficult time against the poorer quality Polish infantry before driving them back. The second Saxon cavalry brigade then became pinned, afraid to move to sup port their infantry with the fear of cossacks in their rear.

With the Saxon left and center falling back we called it a day and set up a second game. Dave this time took command of the Swedes, however unlike Liam he was much more cautious in his attack. His cavalry having a particularly hard time against their Saxon foes who were able to take advantage of their superior numbers.

Overall the two games played quite well. Some tinkering with the adaptations are required particularly for the Polish cavalry and their ratings. The Swedish bonuses worked well when they were being aggressive. We'll have another try out next weeK.


Phil said...

Glad to see these units in action, nice looking games!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Phil. Always nice to get new troops on the table

Rodger said...

The battles look fantastic Scotty!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Rodger

Paul Robinson said...

Nice looking game. Well done.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Paul

David Cooke said...

Nice figures. The hexs look like they would speed things up over tape and rulers.