Friday, 30 December 2022

Final Game of 2022

Last night I managed to play my last game of 2022. Bit of a rushed affair as Mitch couldn't find his rules for the game of Mechs so we switched last minute to a Back of Beyond game. Pitting the Brits against the Turks and German allies, somewhere in Russia???

I could try to give a drawn out commentary of the game, but not much point as it didn't last very long. The Brits launched a full frontal assault on the village which was defended by a handful of Germans and auxiliaries. The Turks to my right were tasked with a sweeping advance across the hill to fall on the flank of the Brits.

The Turkish sweeping advance failed to materialise. We celebrated when Mitch rolled above 4 on 2d6 for movement as it was such a rare occurrence. meanwhile, my plucky defenders outclassed and outnumbered 2 to 1 were quickly dispatched by the Brits before the Turks had managed to reach the summit of the hill.

Game over. Despite the shortness of the game it was fun. Much cursing directed at the Turks for their slovenly advance. Hopefully Next week the Brits get a harder time against the Bolsheviks. A few photos from the game.

There's a lot of em

Did someone say advance

Brits storming the village

The assault continues

Are we nearly there yet?

Last of the Auxiliaries go down fighting

I say some Turks have turned up

The village is ours

We reached the top of the hill

Next week will likely be a 4 player game so we will have to come up with a suitable scenario.


Jonathan Freitag said...

What a way to usher out the Old Year! I usher out the Old Year with a game on New Year's Eve. Yeah, I know how to party!

Happy New Year, Neil!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Jonathan, look forward to seeing the report of your game

rross said...

Looks like a good little improvised game....the Turks, being the most recently painted, performed as expected!

Neil Scott said...

That they did. Made for a very quick game