Saturday, 22 June 2019

RoSD update

While I'm still in the groove for painting I've continued completing some additional figures that I'll need for the first game. So first up was some additional companions.

These are an additional archer which is an old Bretonian squire figure. The other is a Frostgrave apprentice that looks suitable as an Arcanist.

These two figures are from the Frostgrave plastic Barbarians. The one on the left will be an additional Rogue. The one on the right can either be an Archer or Tracker.

Lastly are 5 more Skeletal warriors, added to the others brings me up to 10. More than enough for this game.

So what's left? I've a couple of savages and an archer from Frostgrave Barbarians. There is another Conjurer,  knight , Templar and a Man at Arms. For bad guys there is a werewolf and some giant spiders.