Monday, 17 June 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep

I've decided to take the plunge on this game. I've always enjoyed Frostgrave by the same author, even though mages were never my thing. This game with Rangers has a bit more appeal.

After ordering the rules and browsing through a PDF version, I decided to have a dig around in the collection for some suitable miniatures.

First up, a Ranger is required. Despite looking enviously at the latest models from Northstar l decided to use a couple of spare GW Lord of the rings figures. They are very similar to the official figures.

Now for companions, l painted up a couple of the Frostgrave plastic adventurers. Kept the colours simple.

I'll need more than these 2 doughty fellows. So  far the old collection has unearthed a barbarian, a wolf hound, conjurer and a knight. These guys are currently just in  need of some TLC and new bases.

For Beasties, I've plenty of undead, though Gnolls are one thing l don't have. Will likely substitute Orcs for these.


Ray Rousell said...

Cool looking figures.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Ray

Wouter said...

Great start, the miniatures definitely fit the style of the game and look really cool.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Wouter. Also helping keep costs down recycling old/spare figures

3rd95th said...

This is not proper war gaming and you should stop it immediately! Are you just playing these games for fun? Good God man, get a grip!

Neil Scott said...

Ha ha, great for a club night and interlude for proper gaming