Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WSS Hessians

I have continued to try and round out my force of Hessians for this period. Blue coats are such a nice change from painting red and white. So first up is 2 battalions of the Prince Leopold regiment. The figures are all from Warrior except the command which is from Dixon. The flags once again were produced by Mick.

Next up I completed 2 battalions of Grenadiers, these figures are all from the excellent range by Dixon miniatures. At the moment they do not have any flags. This is because I put in a small order with maverick models as I have seen some good reports on their flags. I also purchased some for my Hessian horse units. So these will have flags added as soon as they arrive.

This brings my Hessian strength up to 10 battalions of foot, 2 Horse regiments and a regiment of Dragoons. I do currently have Auroch's dragoons on the painting table and will have to purchase some extra figures for the 3rd horse regiment. I also have enough figures to complete the 2 battalions of Lowenstien's regiment. I still need to do some research on the Hessian artillery, i.e uniforms and gun colours, so far turned up very little.

Here is all of the foot completed to date. I did notice that some of the older units have a different finish to the base and will need rectifying in due course.


Phil said...

Nice looking units, a good job!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Phil

Rodger said...

Great work Scotty! They look fantastic!