Friday, 22 May 2015

WSS French and Ramblings

Well first off I was a lucky chap and entered a prize giveaway ran by Ray at and actually managed to win something (Check out his excellent blog if you haven't already done so). So thanks to Ray, looking forward to the prize and already can see some gaming opportunities.

On another note my local club will be closed for a minimum 12 weeks, this is due to the Sport Center in which we rent a room undergoing some refurbishment. Its meant the last few week I have had to retrieve items I may need and sneak them past my other half into storage. Luckily this week we have been offered a temporary new home, we will not have our own bespoke room and will have to pack games up at night but at least we will get to game.

Now onto the figures. I managed to finish a second Dragoon regiment for my French from the remaining Roundway figures I had left. I have painted them up as the Colonel General regiment and I have since discovered that they fought at Friedlingen, bit of a result. I also took the opportunity to complete some dismounted troopers for both of my French dragoon regiments.

As I was in the mood and busy sorting out my figures I took the opportunity to take some photos of my French collection. Not yet as large as my Imperialist and will need some considerable strengthening.

So far I have 2 Horse regiment, 2 Dragoon regiments, 18 battalions of foot and 3 batteries. I am considering either adding a brigade of Irish infantry or Bavarians and at least 2 more brigades of horse with one possibly Bavarian. I will also need to add to the artillery and some more officers,


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Superb... :o)

Neil Scott said...

cheers Steve

Phil said...

Love these flags fluttering above your beautiful units, great job!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil. One if the reasons I love the period.

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Smart as a dart mate. See you Wed 7pm ish?

Rodger said...

Excellent work Scotty! Very impressive looking army!