Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Flags and more Hessians

To try and finish of my Hessian's I decided to make a small purchase with maverick-models as a number of bloggers had recommended them for the quality of their flags. So with a small purchase made I was surprised to receive an email the following day asking if I wanted the standard 15mm scale flags or re sized to fit the flag poles of the figures I was using. As it happened the standard size is fine but it is nice to know that re sizing can be done, particularly thinking of those 15mm ranges which border on 18mm nowadays. So a big thumbs up on that, especially when you are only paying 50p a flag.

Next to delivery, the website say to give 21 days for delivery, so imagine my surprise when they turned up only a week later. This may have been to do with the small size of the order, but still excellent service. So to the flags themselves, well I was impressed. I did take a picture but it didn't come out very well. However after a few minutes trimming I had them added to my Hessian Horse units.

The flags are from left to right, Erbprinz, Erbach, Leibregiment and Aurochs. Now luckily I have some black and white line drawings of these flags with colours in German and confirm that they were spot on for accuracy. So overall i am very happy with these and will be making future purchases. If you haven't already done so I would check out his site.

The second part of this post is for my completed Dragoon regiment - Aurochs. This brings my Hessian horse to 4 regiments. The nice thing with these is they fit in well with my British troops fighting at Blenheim.

I have also been slowly updating my WSS/GNW page with better photos showcasing each of my contingents.


Phil said...

Colored and very nice as always, great job!

Rodger said...

The flags look nice and the Dragoons look lovely too! Great work Scotty!