Friday, 27 July 2012

3rd Pike and Shotte game

On Thursday night at the club we gave the Pike and Shotte rules their first run out. I was using my own ECW collection and to make the units look more realistic I had to double up the infantry which reduced them to two regiments per side.

The game was a meeting encounter with both sides trying to capture the village. The forces involved were as follows:

Red Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
White Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
3 Standard size Horse regiments (all with Galloper ability)
1 standard unit of Commanded shot with firelocks

Blue Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
Scots Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
2 Standard size Horse regiments
1 small size Horse regiment
1 small size Cuirassier regiment

Their are plenty of photos to describe the battle. Some not the best as taken on the mobile.

To say the battle went badly for the Parliamentarians would be an understatement. The Horse advance to the left of the village while the foot moved forward with the Scots occupying the village enclosure while the Blue Regiment swung around the right of the village.

The Royalist horse spent 2 turns bickering before moving to protect their right flank against the Parliamentarian horse, while the infantry advance on the village. The Parliamentarian horse decided to charge their Royalist counterparts and disaster struck. I lost all 3 melee's, from the resulting break test my 2 standard horse regiments rolled 3 and 4, both destroyed. It took some valiant work by my small unit of Cuirassiers to hold up the royalists horse drunk on the slaughter.

The initial infantry exchanges were pretty even when I decided to commit the Pike to attack. While the Blue regiment forced the white regiment back, the Scots were beaten and rolled snake eyes, yep you guessed it destroyed. One of the Scots musketeer units were then attacked by Royalist Pike and they, already shaken from the firefight were promptly destroyed as well. At times like these you know you are beaten and I conceded the village and game to my nephews.

Roundhead Foot
Roundhead horse advance
Royalist deployment
Scots foot advance on the enclosure
Roundhead horse advance
Royalist horse move to support their right wing
Royalist foot deploy into line
Fire fight for the village
Clash of horse
Victorious Royalists "where did the roundheads go?"
The fight for the village
Exchange of fire
Scots foot slaughtered


David Cooke said...

Enjoyable Batrep thanks Scotty!

Willie Anderson said...

Good looking set up Scotty!