Saturday, 21 July 2012

ACW battle report

On Thursday night at the club I had to organise a quick pick up and play game as I had my nephews in tow. I decided on a small ACW game. It saw the Union II corps and 1st division from I corps defending a crossroads from the approaching rebel II Corps. I think the photos ably tell the story of the battle.

Rebel set up
Union set up
Rebels begin their advance
Union divisions of Hay and Gibbon advance to the road
I Corp are not in time to prevent the rebel advance
The Rebs crash into the union lines, sending both divisions back
Gibbon's division is slowly overpowered by Johnson
The Iron Brigade launch their counterattack, throwing Gordon's brigade away from the road
Hay launches his counterattack, but gets bloodily repulsed
The game is over
The game brought about a resounding defeat for the union forces, with the Rebs in control of the crossroads and the majority of the union brigades spent. A bit of a learning curve for my nephews, but they did enjoy the game, their main mistake being to advance the union brigades without their artillery to support, allowing the Rebs to close quickly. When the union artillery did fire the number of 10's were frightening but it did result in them scurrying off for more ammunition.

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