Sunday, 6 May 2012

FPW Battle report

Two battle reports in one week. Today we had our first run out using the Fire n Fury variant for the Franco Prussian war. The game saw Neal commanding the Wurtemburgers and Bavarians against a French held position commanded by Dave. The French were defending a junction against the advancing Germans with a redoubt on each of the hills. The game swung both ways throughout with the German Jaeger units soaking up a lot of damage before the main line units could be unleashed. On the French right the Turcos managed to hold off the Bavarian assault, which eventually petered out through lack of numbers. The Wurtemburgers nearly managed to breakthrough, but they also ran out of steam as the deadly French Chasspot inflicted terrible damage. True to history the Krupp artillery inflicted heavy casualties on the French positions. Also in true French fashion the Cavalry Division was unleashed to check the Wurtemburgers, overrunning one brigade before being repulsed by a second supporting unit. A few pictures below of the game.

The Wurtemburg Division advance upon the French 

The French position readying for the expected attack 

Wurtemburgers begin their advance 

French redoubts prepare for the defence 

The Bavarians begin their assault 

French cavalry division held in reserve 

French centre resisting the Wurtemburgers 

Two centres collide

Overall a great game. Dave's French figures looked fantastic, now when I finish my Bavarian division I've got a French Corps to start. The success of the game can be measured in Dave committing himself to re base his other FPW figures for Fire and Fury (Some task as he has a number of Corps for both sides). Also I enjoyed the realism of the rules as the deadly French fire from the Chasspot was countered by the superior Krupp artillery.


Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Yeh I did say that I'd re-base them didn't I. Well as it's now down in black and white I guess I'm committed, thanks Scotty!
I really enjoyed it and as you say it felt right, both Neal and I had varying luck with our dice throws and the game swung back and forth accordingly.

Ray Rousell said...

Some excellent pics, and a great looking game!!

Rodger said...

Excellent report and photos Scotty.