Saturday, 5 May 2012

WSS battle report

This Thursday I managed to get to the club and fought a WSS game against John R. We kept the game small as it had been a while since we had played the rules. The game involved Imperialists against Piedmont-savoy. The Imperialist were attempting to cross a river before the Piedmont-Savoyard's could stop them.

Piedmont-Savoyard troops in column advancing towards the river. 

Imperial Infantry of the Franconian Circle 

Imperial Centre supported by 2 brigades of Horse

Piedmont-Savoy infantry brigades advancing  with Horse in support

Imperial troops prepare for their crossing with the Piedmont-Savoyard's not in sight

The 2 battle lines approach 

Piedmont-Savoy Guards cross the river. 

Imperial infantry in retreat 

The 2 Centres clash. 

It was a close run game before time ran out. The Piedmont-Savoy guards brigade on their left managed to force their way across the river pushing back the Imperial infantry who had stopped to defend a hill overlooking the river. In the centre the first Piedmont attack stall, with 2 battalions being shattered by the Imperial Infantry. Then the Imperial Horse counterattacked and drove off the first assault. The second assault faired slightly better with a number of Imperial infantry battalions given a severe mauling, but once again the Imperial Horse calmed the situation. The final move of the game saw the Imperialist eventually launch an assault across the river, bringing over and extra brigade of infantry from their left flank. It would have been touch and go to see if the Piedmont-savoy infantry could have held as they were already severely worn from their previous exertions and no support in sight. Overall an enjoyable game.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice batrep, looks like a fun game, shame you ran out of time.

peter said...

Very nice report and pictures!