Friday, 25 May 2012

FPW French and others

Further additions to my French forces, this time the artillery, Mitrilliause and Divisional commander. The figures are all from Outpost. I've not got the next 3 infantry regiments on the painting table being undercoated. I might get 1 completed over the weekend, though much depends on the weather.

Divisional Commander
Artillery and Mitrilliause
Next up are two 15mm figures that I have had for years. If memory serves me right I got these from Tabletop Miniatures. Thought it was about time they got a lick of paint.

Dwarf adventurer and an extra
Not quite sure what the one on the left was supposed to represent, some kind of ghoul I think. The one on the right is a Dwarf adventurer.
Next up I've been following a theme on Ray's , Fran's and Phil's blog about the Broadside wargames show and the issues they have had with advertising. So to help out here is a shameless plug for them.

Finally just seen the news that Warhammer historical has closed down, shame As I've had years of fun playing WAB.

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Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking FPW figs Scott!!! And well done for the Broadside ad!