Friday, 18 November 2011

First games of SAGA

Last night at the club, me and Robbo did our first game of SAGA. We set up with a 4 points aside game and limited the terrain to a couple of buildings and some fields. Robbo took on the ole of the Viking Warlord Ragnar Redmane supported by 2 units of Hirdmen, a unit of Beserkers and a single unit of Bondi. I took on the role of the Anglo Danish warlord Waltheof the Bald, supported by 2 units of huscarles, 1 with dane axes and 2 units of Ceorls.

We kept the scenario simple as a stand up fight just so we could get used to the rules and the SAGA boards. The game opened with a general viking advance into the village, I sent one of my units of Ceorls to the left to face off against the bondi, who set amongst their foes with gusto, both sides increased their attack dice (no shrinking violets these as defence was not thought of), the result was 5 dead bondi and 4 dead ceorls. Waltheof and both units of huscarles rapidly moved towards the village.

Ragnar and his hirdmen quickly moved to support the bondi but fell just short. The beserkers on his left failed to move for a second time due my using the ability 'intimidation' . My Ceorls flushed with success launched themselves again at the bondi, only for honours even with 2 casualties apiece and my attack checked. Next my huscarles with dane axes launched themselves into a unit of hirdmen and promptly cut all 4 down for the loss of 3. On my right Waltheof and the other huscarles moved to intercept the Beserkers, supported by my second unit of Ceorls.

Ragnar then launched his remaining hirdmen unit at the remaining huscarl. Using the saga abailities I manged to provide him with 2 extra attack dice. To say the combat when badly for the hirdmen would be an understatement. Despite felling the remaining huscarl, he took 3 of them with him. Robbo had kept back his bonus attack dice for the Beserkers who finally launched themselves at Waltheof and my second unit of huscarles, but once again fate was against him as Waltheof himself fell all 4 opponents (stuff of legends). It was at this point that Ragnar and his single remaining hirdman decided to depart the field.

For our second game we shuffled the terrain around and got straight down to it. Ragnar had returned with a new force and once again was met by Waltheof and his men. To say this battle was swift is and understatement. Both warlords supported by their retainers rushed straight towards each other. We both stacked up the SAGA dice to boost attacks and fell to it. The result, Waltheof threw down his enemy and danced on his The hirdmen perished to a man and my huscarls were reduced to a single over.

Views on the game. Very quick to pick up which is a good thing. The use of the battle boards gives the game its extra depth and mastery of its use is important. Trying to understand when to use abilities or not. We also found the combat very devastating, but that is probably down to us using abilities to boost attack dice and ignoring defence. Overall a very enjoyable game, we got 2 games completed in under 3 hours.

Sorry for no pictures as I was just concentrating on the games.


  1. No worries about the pictures, I can imagine it in my head, sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Nice battle report, hope you can take pictures next time.