Saturday 12 November 2011

SAGA warbands

I was due to play my first game of SAGA on Thursday but due to the wife being unwell I was unable to make it. Still I did manage to put together a couple of warbands for the game, mainly from my existing collection, though I did paint up the huscarls with the 2H axes. First up my Anglo Danes.

Next up my Viking warband. I've got too many hirdmen, mainly due to the majority of my collection being armoured.


  1. And a fine bunch of fellows they look too!!!! I hope the Mrs is going to repay you for mopping her sick brow and having to miss your game, I suggest at least £20 worth of new figures, but don't tell her I said that!!!!

  2. Unfortunately their is no chance of her ever buying me figures

  3. Beautiful looking figures Scotty.