Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lord of the Rings - Gondor

I've found lately that I am struggling to keep to one particular project. I've still got to finish my ACW, started the Franco Prussian War, Some undead for my role playing games. I've also been eyeing up the unpainted stockpile of Greek Hoplites and more Vikings. Then I dug out my Gondor army. I started this project a couple of years ago and it never really got off the ground, about half completed. So sticking with a basic but effective colour scheme for the army I set about completing as much as I could before I changed my mind. So far this has been a success as I only have a unit of 8 cavalry and some more rangers to complete my force. Not the best photos as had to take them indoors.

Morthrond Vale Rangers

Citadel Guard

Aragorn, Faramir, Imrahil and warriors


Boromir and Denethor with Spearmen in support

View of the Battle line

Battleline from the other side