Thursday, 2 April 2015

WSS Hessians

After my campaign game at Micks it got me inspired to try and finish off some more of my WSS collection. It has even got me making a few more purchases as well. The first of these to be completed were 2 battalions of Hessians that have sat undercoated for over a year now. The are from the Wartensleiben regiment. The flag was kindly produced by Mick in return for uniform info that I had for the Hessians. The figures are mainly Warrior with the command from Dixons.

Hesse-Kassel Wartensleiben
Hesse-Kassel Wartensleiben
I have also managed to complete a few more bases of dismounted dragoons as I will more than likely need these for our next game.

Royal Irish and Scottish dismounted dragoons
Hanover - Hillars dismounted dragoons
I've now started on some pioneers as well as prepping some French horse and dragoons for the Friedlingen project (remember that)


Phil said...

Very nice job, and great photos as well...

Ray Rousell said...

Very nice, I like the flags!

Rodger said...

Beautiful work on these guys Scotty!

Neil Scott said...

thanks guys, really enjoying getting back to this scale and period