Monday, 6 April 2015

WSS Pioneers

As the title suggests I have completed a small detachment of pioneers. Normally I wouldn't have done these as most games I play are one offs and generally set piece battles for this period. However, because of the campaign and the need to construct pontoons for a river crossing in the next game I though why not, especially when I saw them on EBay for £1.60. I wasn't sure on uniforms so went for a basic red coat with blue cuffs, this way they will suffice for my English, Saxon and Hanoverian troops.

The figures are all from Roundway Miniatures and the bases from Warbases. They proved rather straightforward to paint.

Next up i completed two more singularly based dragoons, this time in red coats. These will act as a further 2 mounted messengers or mounted guards for my pioneers. The were both from Essex miniatures.

Next up on the painting table I have a regiment of French Dragoons awaiting basing, I'll be able to use these for the Friedlingen project. There are also 4 mounted officers also requiring basing. There is a further french horse regiment, Swedish Colonels and 2 Imperialist battalions of foot that have been undercoated. Should keep me busy for a while.


Ray Rousell said...

Great stuff! I've got the same pioneers for my 15mm FIW project, mine just need a little paint though??

Phil said...

Love the pionners, excellent...and useful!

Rodger said...

Great work with the brushes there Scotty! Pioneers are not the sort of troops you get to paint too often!

Hobbyworker said...

Lovely paint job, 15mm minis is hard to paint.

Neil Scott said...

cheers guys