Tuesday, 14 April 2015

WSS French Cavalry regiment Cosse.

Here they are the first completed French horse regiment for my Friedlingen project, the Cosse regiment. I was unable to find this regiment in all of my lists so went for the standard french horse uniform of grey/white coats and red cuffs. I was undecided on the hat lace so plumbed for yellow, no doubt some one will correct me if I'm wrong. The figures for this regiment are all from Dixon's, love their mounted figures, though like Essex rather pricey compared to others.

Cosse Regiment of horse
Cosse Regiment of horse
Rear view
I am still to source a flag for this regiment and hope to add one soon, always make the units stand out. Next up I have started on another horse regiment, this time Villeroy. Don't think I'll get them finished before the weekend when I am off to Micks for the second battle of our campaign


Ray Rousell said...

Nice work, can't say I've ever heard of this regt?

Hobbyworker said...

Lovely cavalry unit.

Phil said...

Great looking regiment, well done!

Paul Robinson said...

very nice.
Try looking under Cosse-Brissac who were a French regiment that had yellow horse furniture trimmed black.
For flags I'd highly recommend Maverick Models

Neil Scott said...

cheers Paul I'll check thst out

David Cooke said...

They look great. I'm so tempted by this period!