Tuesday, 23 October 2012

1st Musket & Tomahawk's game

Finally got around to playing a couple of games of these rules. The first game was at the club with Chris and John commanding the French and Indians and Paul and Dave commanding the British troops. From the start the game wasn't balanced as we just used the troops that we had available, concentrating more on ensuring we got our heads around the rules.

British forces consisted of 2 units of regulars, 1 unit of rangers and a unit of Indians all led by 2 officers. The French force consisted of an officer, 1 unit of regulars, 2 units of marines, 1 Sachem and 3 Indian units. The game centred on the British trying to evacuate the Jefferson family from their farmstead as well as gathering in supplies for the fort. The French were out to destroy the supplies, burn the farmsteads and slaughter any civilians.

The game started brightly for the Indians under John as there random start location turned up right next to the Jefferson farmstead. The helpless civilians quickly made a dash towards the bridge and safety. However the cards went against them as the Indians closed and peppered them with arrows and musket balls. Mr Jefferson taking a musket ball for the family.

The Jefferson's flee across the bridge
With the British regulars quickly advancing to the river in support, further disaster befell the civilians as they were all cut down from heavy fire from the Indians and marines. With the British firing line set up they sent a deadly volley into the Indians killing 3 and sending the rest of the unit packing. With the second unit coming up into support, the Indians began to show how brittle they were, repeatedly recoiling from fire. The regulars though proved of stern stuff, repeatedly passing morale checks despite heavy casualties.

British Regulars move into position
French regulars and marines get into position

Eventually the French regulars got into position on a rocky ridge and began pouring fire into the enemy, The Mohawk Indians were forced to recoil and the British eventually broke off from combat. Overall a French victory, they managed to burn 1 of the 3 farmsteads, killed all the civilians while the British only managed to retrieve about 75% of the supplies

Overall an enjoyable game, the mechanics are easy to pick up, though next time we will introduce hidden movement and traits. The idea of cards to determine actions is great fun, not knowing when you will go, can you risk firing and get a chance to reload before the enemy close etc.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice one Scotty!

Ray Rousell said...

Looks and sounds like a fun game.

David Cooke said...

It looks abit like Sharp practic is it related? Nice figures tempting period.

scotty said...

David, I've never played Sharpe's practice so couldn't say

Rodger said...

Might have to give these rules a go. Thanks Scotty.

Ian said...

Nice Batrep, it's agood sign when you start planning game two as soon as game one finishes