Friday, 1 June 2012

Siege of Morpeth

Last night at the club I got involved in an ECW game, the siege of Morpeth. A small Parliamentarian garrison defended the castle (me) while awaiting supporting troops from Mitford castle and Newcastle (George and John). Arrayed against us were a small royalist force under the Marquis of Newcastle and reinforcements from Amble under Prince Rupert (Tom and Paul).

The game began rather badly for the Royalists when Percy's infantry regiment decided to storm the castle walls and were met by stern resistance from Fairfax's veteran foot. Percy's were promptly shot to pieces and fled the field. Next up the first reinforcement card was played and Crawford arrived for Parliament with Copley's horse and Loudon's foot.

With sporadic fire from Widdrington's foot the defenders seemed set to wait out their opponents, Bard's foot with the Marquis remained in Newcastle while Langdale moved his horse to oppose the threat posed by Crawford's troops. Fortunately, next for the Royalists, Prince Rupert arrived with a large force and a much needed artillery piece.

The Garrison of Morpeth Castle
Lucas's Horse watching the road from Mitford

After struggling to get their reinforcements across the bridge, Langdale under much taunting by his opposition promptly threw Lucas's horse at Copley's. After a furious melee the Parliamentarians fled the field. Loudon's foot were forced to defend the hedgerows from the rampaging Royalist.

Just then Lord Fairfax arrived with the main Parliamentary forces, Bethell's and Boyton's Horse were quickly sent forward to scout out the lay of the land.Both sides seemed to settle down and re organise their forces except the unlucky Langdale who found himself pursued by Washington's dragoons before Boyton's Horse emerged from a small copsed and crashed into his flank, scattering his horse and resulting in his capture.

Langdale urges his Horse on against Copley's
Royalist foot approach the Castle, Parliament horse in the background
Royalist foot repulse Bethell's horse
Rupert's Blewcoats meeting their demise
On the Royalist right flank Rupert found his way blocked by large numbers of Parliament horse and Buccleugh's foot. However the artillery eventually made its way to the top of a hill and began to fire on the defenders. Seeing his chance Thomas Fairfax's leaving behind 2 companies of foot launched his regiment through the gate and smashed into the flank of bard's foot, breaking their opponents. By now things began to unravel for the Royalists, next it was Widdrington foot then Morgan's dragoons that broke and fled the field. Apart from sporadic firing the siege had been lifted and Morpeth remained in the hands of Parliament. Overall a very enjoyable game using Victory without Quarter. At one point the game had looked a little dicey for the defenders but the Royalists failed to capitalise. Rupert and his lifeguard playing no role in the battle.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice report!


Rodger said...

Great report Scotty. Nice looking game.

Ray Rousell said...

Great report Scott, some excellent shots of the game.