Saturday, 30 June 2012

K - 19 and associates

In a bit of a change of track for me I have painted up K - 19, a robo-hound for the Inquisitor game. When I eventually get around to painting up the 2 extra security enforcers that I have, i can put together a compact team.
K - 19
Next up the good guys / girls. An inquisitor, Enforcer, Priest and 2 robo-hound. I've got the option to add either a demonhost or Slick Devlan to this group.

Enforcer Islena, Inquisitor Jelena and Preacher Joseph
Enforcer Islena
Next up the bad guys. I picked up two of these already painted on Ebay. The one on the right is my own conversion using the power claw from Ghazgull. The bodies is being used to convert a stunty to add to the team.
Kordoss, Servan the Slayer and Kain 32
Kain 32

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