Sunday, 17 June 2012

Back from Holidays

Got back on Friday after an enjoyable 12 day break in a villa in Ibiza, very hot and relaxing. Unfortunately I had to return to the cold, miserable and damp north east of England. I didn't get much browsing of blogs when I was away as the internet connection at the villa was very slow and limited to one room, made posting comments virtually impossible and I gave up. Now things are back to normal I'll be checking out the blogs I follow to get a well needed wargaming fix.

Since I got back I've been putting the finishing touches to a 3rd regiment of French for my FPW project, once based I'll post some pictures. While I was away I did a little mulling over on the projects I want to complete:

1 - The FPW, need to complete a second division for my French and may add a 3rd Infantry division and the second division of the Bavarian 1st Corps.

2 - ACW, I need to complete Pickett's division for the confederates, this will complete 1st and 2nd corps. For the union I want to finish off 1st corps. This will give me 4 union corps, more than enough for gaming.

3 - LOTR, I want to finish off the last few figures for my Gondorrians and Rohirrim before making a start on some orcs, definitely pushing this out until later in the year.

4 - INQUISITOR, I've got about half a dozen figures from GW 54mm range, once done I should be able to put together 4 warbands. A project to break up the others.

5 - UNDEAD, Got another 8 cavalry to paint up, after that it  is looking at some sort of large scale model for the centre piece, a few children's toy fossil sets look promising.

6 - HOPLITES, still got these sitting in a box, determined to make a start on them but still unsure on what system to base them for.

Well not much to be getting on with......


The Angry Lurker said...

Good to have you back mate....

Rodger said...

Agree with Mr L, good to have you back.

scotty said...

Cheers guys, good to be back