Friday, 6 January 2012


My first Dystopian Wars game one on one. My opponent Tom took to the seas with his rather impressive looking Prussian Empires fleet in a rough 1500pt game. The forces if my memory served me right are as follows.

Prussian Empire fleet
1 Dreadnought
1 Battleship
1 Sky fortress
3 pflicht airships
2 Bombers
1 squadron of 2 gunships
1 squadron of 4 destroyers
1 squadron of 5 corvettes
3 squadrons of 4 frigates
10 flyers

FSA fleet
1 Dreadnought
2 Battleships
1 carrier
2 Lee airships
3 bombers
1 squadron of 3 cruisers
1 squadron of 3 destroyers
2 squadrons of 3 frigates
10 flyers

Initial set up

The battle opened with the PE advancing with their gunships. I immediately moved forward the destroyers who promptly inflicted damage to both gunships (nice start for me). Tom then moved forward one of his frigate squadrons who then sunk one of my destroyers. Over on my right the PE battleship came under fire at long rang from my cruiser who began to inflict damage. The PE then had to send a frigate squadron to support it. In the centre my dreadnought moved forward and began to open fire, promptly sinking both gunships and 3 frigates.

Damaged Prussian Gunships

Cruisers engage the battleship

My 2 battleships then got into long range exchanges with the PE sky fortress and dreadnought inflicting damage to both. However I made the mistake in getting one of the battleships to close to the PE dreadnought who then poured heavy fire upon it inflicting some significant damage. Before my battleship could escape the Pflicht squadron pounced and commenced a boarding action. My marines just held out. The the Sky fortress entered the fray and it was all over for the stricken battleship, a prize for the enemy.

Battleship under heavy attack

Boarding assault

Derelict Battleship

Luckily for me Tom only left 2 marines to guard the vessel so my remaining supporting frigate chanced its arm and boarded the battleship, managing to kill the remaining Prussian marines but loosing its own at the same time. At least it denied the prize to the enemy. Meanwhile my dreadnought continued to pound away, destroying frigates and corvettes as well as inflicting damage to the sky fortress.

On my left my scout airships came unstuck against the enemy bombers and destroyers. One was left in flames while the other crashed into the island.

Burning Lee's

Overall as the game drew to a close I had hung on for victory 822.5pts to 560pts. A really enjoyable game against a great opponent. Learning points, know my MARS and get to know the enemy strengths and weaknesses (i.e. don't get too close as those Prussians are rather nifty at boarding.)


The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely models and a well written batrep, good reading sir.....

Jamie said...

Hi Scotty,

A cool battle and well-done report.

It looks like this was under the 'old' (ie what's in the book, not the web) rules?


scotty said...

Hi Jamie, yes we played under the old rules, I'm still getting my head around them before starting on the updates.

Vladdd309 said...

Great report, nice to see some painted fleets!!!