Friday, 20 May 2011

Victory without Quarter

Finally got to give these rules a run out at the club last night. I took on the role as umpire (as I was the only one who had read the rules), John represented Parliament with Tom and George operating the Royalists. Things were a little hampered initially as I had forgotten the maneuver cards as well as leaving some of Ruperts' cavalry...Doh!

Overall the rules played well, only a few niggles but that was more down to myself still learning. As for the game itself it was quite enjoyable. The initial Royalist cavalry attack in the centre of the village drove back their opponents, eventually breaking the centre of Parliaments line as they were unable to withdraw troops from the wings to support due to stand offs that had developed. The one good news for John was when his Scottish infantry discharged a devastating volley into Bard's foot which promptly saw them flee the village. This seemed to blunt a lot of the initial aggression shown by the Royalist foot.

The plan next week is to give the rules another airing, remembering the maneuver deck. This time the Royalists will be reinforced by Ruperts' missing horse.

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