Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Crimson Fists

After a small club game on Thursday night I decided to add a few extras to my Crimson fists space marines. Going through the old spares box I was able to add some extra close assault troopers, a couple of heavy weapon troopers and enough tactical marines to round them out at 3 squads.

Next up was some vehicles to make the force more mobile  especially as I envisage games where they are responding to attacks or out on patrol. I've been able to add a dreadnought, a very old rhino kit from my youth. The other 2 vehicles are from Old Crow. The beauty of Rogue trader is I can create my own stats for these.

So I reckon that's 2 weeks work to get a usable force on the tabletop to face the Orks. Now I can get back to my Crimean War project.

The force consists of
1 captain
1 Librarian
1 assault squad
3 tactical squads