Friday, 15 September 2017

Oldhammer Battle report

Last week at the club Neil and I decided to dust down some old figures a have a game of Warhammer 3rd edition. We did put in a few stipulations as it is over 20 years since we played the rules. We each took a level 25 leader and 2 level 5 champions. We didn't bother with piints, just bring some figures and have a game.

I decided on my Dwarves, bringing a unit of elite longbeards, 2 units of clan warriors, 2 small units if crossbows, some giant slayers and of course artillery.

Neil brought some undead led by a vampire. He had 3 units if undead horseman and the rest were skeleton warriors.

The game began with a slow undead shamble towards the dwarven line, who replied with crossbows and artillery fire. The organ gun proving quite deadly. The Undead horseman quickly swept around the flanks and charged into both if my crossbow units. The deathly horseman proved too much and both units fled. Both of my units of clan warriors stepped up to engage the horseman. Both melees lasting a couple of rounds.

The undead infantry continued to advance towards my centre. With the clansman holding off the horsemen my crossbows rallied and returned to the line to hold off another unit of undead cavalry. Then my general led forward his longbeards and crashed into the undead foot. With sharp blades they easily dispatched their foes.

With time running out we called it a day. The dwarves had held off the undead. A very enjoyable game which brought back great memories, even if it did require much looking through the rules.


Michał Kucharski said...

Oh, fantastic juorney to golden age past :)
thank You:)

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Michal. it was a very enjoyable game.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Crickey - that takes me back :)

Phil said...

Very nice, these units are spectacular!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Phil