Sunday, 2 July 2017

Blogging update

After my fall out with Photo bucket I decided to make a start on the blog. Luckily despite creating the blog in 2009, I only start using 3rd party hosting during 2012. So at least that means only 5 years of posts need repairing. So far I have moved the majority of my photos onto a portable hard drive (didn't realise how many there were).

As the WSS and GNW has seen the largest collection of posts that need repairing, I decided to make a start on these. I found the easiest way was to download the folder from photobucket onto my phone and work my way back through the posts. This is going to be slow. So far I've managed to go back to posts in September 2016 and uploaded nearly 200 photos so far. I think thus will become a rather time consuming business that I will just have to slowly chip away at. Well back to uploading more photos


Rodger said...

Neil, that sounds terrible. I hope it goes smoothly for you. I think I would probably just give up at the thought of it all!

Neil Scott said...

tempted to, but i Always saw the blog as a way of keeping a record of my wargaming projects and games