Monday, 8 May 2017

AWI Militia

After struggling with the last couple of Danish regiments for the GNW I decided to take a temporary step into a different period and scale. I've had these militia figures sitting in a box for over a year so decided to give them a quick paint up. I've deliberately left off the flags so that I can use them as either Rebel militia or non-uniformed tories.

I kept to a limited palette for these, plenty of browns and yellows. They are not the best work, but I needed to paint something different. The figures are mainly from Front Rank with a couple of Perry's mixed in.

I also decided to put together a couple of wagons from Warbases.  All battlefields need a bit of clutter and I rather like these.

I still need to paint up the baggage that goes with the engineers wagon. It will have to wait as I push on with the last few Danes.


  1. I have a soft spot for militia units and wagons so...I really enjoyed your work, very nicely done Neil!

  2. cheers Phil, they can be both fun and infuriating to use

  3. Cheers Michal, much appreciated

  4. Down with King George! (Nice work)

  5. A change of pace can help. good to see the paint brush stays wet.

    1. Cheers Paul, every now and then I need a change

  6. Great looking militia Scotty!


  7. I like a bit of variety. These look great Neil!