Sunday, 7 August 2016


Following on from my last post, I have made some progress on the extra mounted troops that I will require. I have also started to think of the possibilites on a re-fight of the battle of Klissow. Should have more than enough infantry, but will give me focus on completing more horse regiments.

The first regiment is 3 squadrons from the Ansbach Schmettau Dragoons. These guys entered Saxon service in 1713 before returning to Ansbach in 1717. They did fight at the battle of Prosna in 1716. I chose these as the white coats are a bit different from the red of the rest of the regiments.

The figures are all from Warrior Miniatures. I have ordered some more figures as I am thinking of increasing these to their full strength of 6 squadrons. The next regiment I have completed is some Cuirassiers. These will represent the Prinz Alexander regiment, previously Flemming. They operated in the Poland campaign from 1703 - 1706, fighting at the battles of Kalisz, Gadebusch and Sandomir. I have depicted the unit in their buff koller, which was worn under the Cuirass. It wasn't until 1707 that the red coat was officially adopted by the Cuirassier regiments, though this may just have confirmed what was being worn in practice. However the buff Koller was in use in campaign throughout Augustus's reign.

The figures for this regiment are all from Essex miniatures. I thought I'd give them a go as they are slightly cheaper then the Dixon cavalry I would normally use. They did paint up well, even though the troopers are single casting. My one gripe is the bases were so small and uneven I spent more time trying to get them level than what I did painting. Would I purchase more, probably.

Last up are some extra Brigadiers I have painted up. These though are not Saxons. One will be added to my Imperialist troops while the 2 Blue coated officers will be added to my GNW Swedes.

The 2 Swedish brigadiers are from Roundway, while the Imperialist is  a Mini-figs Cuirassier officer mounted on an Irregular miniatures horse.


Francis Lee said...

Very quick and impressive work Neil!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Fran

Rodger said...

Great work Neil!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Rodger

Phil said...

Very nice, beautiful uniforms and great work on these figures!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Phil