Thursday, 4 August 2016

WSS/GNW Saxons

After fighting the second game of my campaign against Mick. My thoughts turned to refitting my 3 armies from the victory points that I've accrued so far. One thing that became apparent is that I may be short of troops. So I decided to return to my Saxons and begin adding some more units. First up is the Wostromirsky infantry regiment of 2 battalions. The figures are a mix of Warrior and Dixon.

The regiment was part of the Auxiliary Corps in Austrian service 1702 - 1704, before returning to fight in the Poland campaign at Posen and Punitz. It also fought in the disastrous battle of Fraustadt in 1706. The regiment then went into the pay of the Maritime powers between 1707 - 1713. One of the advantages of the Saxons is that they fought in both theatres.

I'm also looking to expand the mounted arm with the Ansbach Schmetau dragoon regiment. I've also rdered some extra Cuirassiers from Essex and Dixon, which should give me another 12 squadrons. Enough to keep me painting for awhile.


Francis Lee said...

Nice work on the reinforcements Neil!

Rodger said...

They are indeed lovely looking additions!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers guys