Sunday, 30 July 2017

Great Northern War update

After some time away chilling in Ibiza I need to refocus my efforts to complete this longterm project, though does a collection ever get completed.

First up I need to finish off my rules. Still need a few playtests to check a few things out, particularly around Irregular cavalry and reflecting their style of warfare. Then I can look forward to a possible 2nd refight of Klissow, this time using the Poles and a refight of Fraustadt and Kalisz.

Next up I need to complete my Polish forces. I'm busy painting up a couple of Generals while I await the arrival of more figures. I have orders in with Essex, Donnington and Legio Herica. This should give me enough figures for a further 2 regiments of Hussars, 5 regiments of Pancerni, 2 regiments of Dragoons and a few extra generals. I then will need to add some artillery and some more light cavalry. Should keep me busy for a while.


Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Bash on Scotty, I'm up for that Klissow game.

Rodger said...

I am of the opinion that collections are never really finished. There always seems to be a new set of figures that I just have to add in somehow!
Sounds like you will be very busy for a while, enjoy it.