Saturday, 20 August 2016


I've continued to make some more progress on my Saxon forces. First up is 3 squadrons of the a. d. Winckel Cuirassier regiment. They were formerly known as Tiessenhausen, then Gersdorff from 1704. They became a. d. Winckel in 1706. The regiment took part in the Poland campaign from 1703, seeing action at Pultusk in 1703, Posen in 1704 and Kalisz in 1706. It was then in the pay of the maritime  Powers from 1707 and returned to Saxon service in 1713.

a. d. Winckel Cuirassiers
a. d. Winckel Cuirassiers
The figures for this unit sees a return to Dixon Miniatures. I much preferred painting these to the Essex figures.  I do have a flag to add once I purchase some more steel wire for the flag poles.
I have also made a couple of additions to the infantry with 2 battalions from the Seiffertitz regiment. These were  raised from Militia in 1705 and were part of the Auxiliary Corps in Austrian service from 1705 - 1707. They were then broken up in 1707. I chose these as they are not in the usual red coats but grey with red cuffs. Makes them stand out in the army.

Seiffertitz regiment
Seiffertitz regiment
The figures for these 2 battalions are from Warrior with the command figures from Dixon. I was unable to locate any flag details for this regiment so have equipped them with the white Colonel colours which I picked up from maverick models.

By my reckoning I now have 27 Saxon infantry battalions, 18 squadrons of Dragoons, 24 squadrons of Cuirassiers and the 9 Squadrons of Household cavalry. I can support these with 3 Ansbach infantry battalions and 3 squadrons of dragoons. When I check against the OOB for Klissow I'm still about 20 squadrons short, particularly Cuirassiers.


Phil said...

Impressive new units, and very impressive army, so many splendid uniforms ready for battles! Great job once again...

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil. This army has been built over 20 years. Just keep coming back to it

Rodger said...

Great work Neil. The cuirassiers are very impressive and I love the grey coats of the infantry too.

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Rodger