Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What's worse than re-basing figures

Sorry for the lack of posts for this month but I have been busy. With Darren returning to the club and getting a taste for Napoleonics using the Black Powder rules, I had already based the British, French and Prussians he had left at the club. These were each roughly in brigade strength. Darren then subsequently went bought a full French army off another of the lads and asked if I would base it up like the rest. I agreed not knowing the actual size of the army. Lets say when it arrived in Five full boxes my first thoughts were, this won't take long. Lets just say I have been slowly making my way through them. There is all sorts in the boxes, Cuirassiers, lancers, Grenadiers et al. over 20 pieces of artillery and plenty of  Generals.

So progress so far. One box full of figures completed including his last unit of British. There are 11 infantry regiments and 4 Horse regiments completed with some officers.

Completed box
Completed box
Work is also underway on a second batch which just need some static grass added to the bases tomorrow night once the varnish has dried. This lot includes 7 artillery pieces, 2 Cuirassier regiments, 5 Dragoon regiments and a further 9 infantry battalions with sundry brigadiers and a Corps commander base.

2nd batch
In between all of this re basing I did manage to get up to Micks for a re fight of 1st Bull run. A very enjoyable game using Dave's excellent collection. A full report is available of Dave's blog here.


Rodger said...

Very nice work on the rebasing Scotty! Not one of my favorite jobs to do!

Justin Penwith said...

Re-painting large numbers of already fully painted models which had been painted bright pink by a "helpful" son proved to be far worse for me than re-basing armies. What was even more of a tragedy was that they were for a commission, plastic, and were originally done in a camoflauge pattern.

My now ex-wife still wonders why I was so angry at her allowing our firstborn to "play" in my locked workroom.

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Some stack of work there mate!

Phil said...

Well, I do like rebasing, cause I'm a bad painter and basing is what I do less badly...so great job, congrats!