Wednesday, 6 March 2013

X - Wing

My wonderful other half bought me this game for Christmas, the first time she has ever bought anything wargame related for me. So far I have managed to get in a couple of games, enjoying the game so much that I have already started to collect some extra models. So far I have added an additional X-wing, Y-wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced and now a Tie Interceptor with a further Y-wing in the post. Also fortuitously Tom at the club has become hooked and bought a starter set and additional Tie Interceptor. This will give us a good selection of models for some larger club games.

Last week myself  and John another run out of the rules. This time we used all named pilots to try out their various abilities and upgrades. It is these that I feel add an additional dimension to the game allowing players to customise ships for particular scenarios.

The rebels controlled by John was made up of the following Pilots
X wing - Wedge Antilles
X wing - Garven Dreiss
Y wing - Dutch Vander

Myself with the Empire had the following (I love the names of the Imperial Pilots)
Tie Advanced - Darth Vader
Tie fighter - Dark Curse
Tie fighter - Howl Runner
Tie fighter - Mauler Mithel

In summary I paired up Darth with Mauler, a mistake as I had given Mauler the Squadron Leader ability, useless with Darth. These to moved off to the right to try and get on the flank of the Rebels. Dark Curse and Howl Runner went left, but ended up running straight into all three rebel ships. In a very uneven contest Howl Runner was shot down and Dark Curse got a bit of a hammering before the other 2 ships could turn back to help. Darth though is the main man. Once he is in the fight the use of his extra action gives him quite an edge. The highlight for being when he combined with Dark Curse to get Wedge in a cross fire and shoot him down before going on and accounting for Garven as well.

Darth and Mauler race to the rescue
Close in dog fighting
Rebels re group after downing 1 Tie fighter
Outmatched Tie's concentrate on evading
Sorry for the picture quality but the gloss effect on the game tables reflect the light badly for photos. Overall a very enjoyable game that went down to the wire before victory for the Empire. This week at the club I have a Revell plastic Millennium Falcon that I want to try out, Han Solo anyone.....?


Sean said...

Neat! Except for the glare the table surface looks pretty cool. I've done a search for scenarios and even solo X-Wing, I hope to post my findings today or tomorrow. Do you keep to a 2 foot square playing area, or just the size of the table?

scotty said...

The table is 6ft by 4ft. The club mainly use it for Dystopian war games