Sunday, 24 February 2013

FIW Woodland Indians II

This is the next batch of figures completed for my Musket and tomahawk games. The figures are from Old Glory, plenty of character. They are slightly smaller than some of the modern ranges that are out there but I don't mind.

Woodland Indians
Indian loading
Indian warrior
Indian Warrior
Indian Warrior
I've got another 6 old glory Indians to paint up and that will bring my total of Indians up to 33. Enough to put together a size able raiding force in M&T games.

On other projects I picked up quite a bargain from EBay. A bunch of Dixon GNW Swedes. I paid £18.00 and when I have priced up the figures to buy new, £77.00. There are enough figures to complete 6 battalions of foot including Pikes. there are enough Pike and command for a further 4 battalions. There was also a 18 figure regiments of horse and 10 dragoons. Not a bad starting force. I'll get some extra cavalry command and musketeers to round off the force and get to painting them later in the year.

On the WSS my search for a decent Marlborough figure goes on. I picked up some Generals from Irregular to try out. They are serviceable figures and seem to paint up well. So far I have done 2 versions, 1 accompanied by a drummer and the other by a cornet. I'll post pictures once they are based up. I'm not totally happy with either set, but then I don't have it clear in my own mind yet for how I want the command base to look. If anything both bases are serviceable as Divisional commanders.

I've also had an invite up to Micks in May for a Franco Prussian game, gives me a chance to get out my collection. I some how volunteered to organise the game. I need to come up with a balanced scenario. I'll also have the use of Dave's troops. This will give us 3 French Corps, about 10 divisions of infantry and 3 cavalry divisions. The Prussians have 2 Corps, 1 Bavarian Corps and a Wurtemburg divisions, sure there is some cavalry available as well


Francis Lee said...

That's a damn good bargain and the indian band is certainly growing.

Rodger said...

Lovely work on the Indians Scotty!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great bargain and nice painting!


Phil said...

A lot of nice and diverse troops! My favourites are the red-painted ones!
Very nice work!

Ray Rousell said...

Great work and a bargain to boot!

scotty said...

Cheers guys, still pinching myself on the bargain