Tuesday, 8 January 2013

WSS Wurzburg Grenadiers

I must be slowing down, only 1 new unit to add, the Wurzburg Grenadiers. They were formed in 1708. I chose to paint these as I can use them alongside my Franconian and Swabia circle troops and I liked the fact that they had blue stockings but green cuffs. The figures are all from Dixons. The Drummer had a little bit of green stuff added to make a bearskin as Dixon do not make one. Turned out not too bad if you squint and wear an eye patch.

In the rules created by Mike your brigadiers can often become casualties, we usually represent these with a colour marker or a dismounted figure. So I decided to use some left over figures from Donnington, based up singly on 20mm bases from Warbase.


Ian said...

They look like they mean business


Rodger said...

Really like the look of these guys. Great work!

Phil said...

Very nice grenadiers!

scotty said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated

peter said...

Really lovely painted minis!