Friday, 25 January 2013

WSS Update

Finally manged to get the last of my Imperialists based. All three regiments took part in the Battle of Friedlingen. First up is the Dragoon regiment Schade from Wurzburg. The figures are all from Warrior miniatures I think in future I might try and bend a few of the arms to add slight variety to the units.

Next up is 2 Infantry battlaions, both from the Swabian Circle. They are the infantry regiment Baden-Durlach, figures from Warrior Miniatures and the combined Grenadiers, figures from Essex.

The Flag is from the Warflag site and the bases as usual are from Warbase. I have also made a start on my Ramilles project with the first 2 battalions painted up. First up is Ingoldsby's foot or Royal Irish. The figures are all from Dixons and the flag is from the Warflag site.

Next up is Mordaunts' battalion or the Scots Fusiliers. Again these figures are from Dixons, they were what I had left over, hence the 2 different poses among the fusiliers. So far I have been unable to identify a flag used by this unit. I've gone for a generic Scots saltire that can easilty be replaced if need be.

This leave only another 18 battalions to do for the English. I think I will be using Dixons for the majority of the infantry. I will use some Warrior figures for a handfull of the battalions, namely those that were disbanded in 1713 as uniform details currently are scarce. For the Cavalry I am going to try the Blue Moon figures. If they are as good as the Brigadiers I got I will be happy. Another plus point is they are significantly cheaper than Dixons cavalry.


Phil said...

Some beautiful regiments, great work!

scotty said...

cheers Phil

Ray Rousell said...

Fantastic work Scotty, you have been a busy boy!

Rodger said...

Excellent Scotty, they look fantastic!!

Sean said...

Looking good, and unless I'm mistaken the blog has had a face lift too. Sorry if it has been awhile, I'm slow on the uptake.