Sunday, 20 January 2013

WSS Soissonais Regiment

Well it is back to the French for this post. These 2 battalions of the Soissonais regiment will complete one of the French infantry brigades for Friedlingen.

The figures are all from Warrior miniatures except for the 2 drummers who are from Dixon. My bases as usual are MDF from Warbase. The flags are from the Warflag. I went for a slightly larger flag, though not sure it works.

I also have 3 more units of Imperialists awaiting basing. They are 2 Swabian infantry battalions, Baden-Durlach and the Converged Grenadiers. Lastly there is the Wurzburg Dragoon regiment Schade. All three of these units are present at Friedlingen.

Continuing with my work on the WSS I have committed myself to painting up the English Regiments that fought at the battle of Ramilles. Mick is looking to put on the game in May 2014. This gives me plenty of time to paint them up. Looking at the numbers there are 20 infantry battalions, 13 squadrons of horse and all the associated brigadiers and artillery. I have already decided to stick with Dixon and Warrior for the infantry and looking at Blue moon for the horse.


Phil said...

Very nice Soissonnais regiment, the colors are great!

Ian said...

These look great, I can now see why it's your favorite period


scotty said...

Cheers guys and yes it is my favourite period by far

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work!!! The flag is a little big but still looks pretty cool!! How many English regts fought at Ramilles? I thought there were quite a few??

scotty said...

Ray there were 20 Regiments of foot and 7 regiments of horse/dragoons. The rest of the force were Dutch and Imperialists

Rodger said...

Very nice painting Scotty!

peter said...

Very nice painted unit! And I love those flags!